Although he is generally on par with colleague Benatia, he may have higher values in mentality and power.CB: Jerome Boateng (87)As one of the best central defender in FIFA 16, Boateng has enormous defensive values and an exceptionally high strength.LB: David Alaba (85)By perfectly Fifa 17 Points Account values and a high speed to Alaba is particularly suitable for the wing play and the Austrians can be pulled into the opposition half with a counterattack without problems.CDM: Xabi Alonso (84)Despite his age, Alonso still one of the best midfielders in FIFA 16. His sprints are indeed disastrous, his passes and ball control but it;s great. He can also move in predictive play on the defensive.

As Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts revealed, FIFA 17 will make a great leap forward in terms of personalization, depth and the competitive aspect. This statement is also true of NFL 17 and NHL 17, but Wilson did not tell more details. These are already all information which is officially confirmed. However, there are in the vastness of the Internet, further evidence of FIFA 17, which are considered to be secured. Since FIFA 11 commented Frank Buschmann next Manni Breuckmann (since FIFA 16 next Wolff-Christoph foot) the action on the virtual pitch. Obviously we get in FIFA 17 the voice of "Bushy" on the ears: In a Twitter post, the cult commentator chirped: "Practicing for FIFA17  Presumably, therefore is the duo "Bushman / foot" nothing change.

Together with Lewandowski, he is responsible for the conclusion.LM: Franck Ribery (87)The counterpart to Robben is on the other side the Frenchman Ribery. Similarly, fast and good on the ball, he brings the ball over outer particularly effective forward. Missing the Scan Station, you can look Fifa 17 Coins XBOX One him also the conclusion.ST: Robert Lewandowski (88)If Müller, Robben and Ribery not have enough surplus power pole secures the results. He should be the main face-off station in attack and always take precedence. His very good conclusion with the top and bottom is the key to success.The general formation for Bayern is set with three to four offensive players, especially on the attack. The particularly strong defense can be supported by both the midfield, as well as simultaneously help forward in a counterattack.