Action star is a critical moment Fifa 17 Points Account the game can come forward and lead the team to the final victory. Although in the Champions League away match against Arsenal scored two goals, but the Ronaldo two rounds and Roman fight one person alone policy three goals to help Real Madrid cut the number one contributor. Although the first leg 2-0 away win, but Real Madrid only scored 1 goal at home, with a total score of 3 is considered a complete end-goal lead cut suspense. The first half Real Madrid Kuanggong no avail, Roma counterattack but more threat than Galacticos siege, in the case they could not break the deadlock, Cristiano Ronaldo to come forward. Benzema sidelined, Cristiano Ronaldo guest center, No. 9 position, giving Rome a fatal blow.

The first 64 minutes, Lucas - Vasquez restricted Youlei continuous riding a bicycle had lost Digne, then send the ball low and flat, Cristiano Ronaldo right foot fire break point before the rush. Real Madrid 1-0 at home, with a total score became 3-0, Roma team scored at least four goals to complete the comeback possible, when less than half an hour left in the game, Cristiano Ronaldo broke the greater significance is it is a psychological blow opponents. After 4 minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo assists completed, the restricted area before the ball to the left-wing plug James Rodrígue, to James - Rodriguez penetrated Shenqinsini wickets in 5 minutes Ronaldo mass shooting meritorious deeds, twice to help Real Madrid to rewrite the score.

First leg, Cristiano Fifa 17 Coins XBOX One also completed a goal to break the deadlock, then a left foot buckle out Florencio Sarkozy, right foot volley goal corner succeed. Real Madrid scored four goals in two rounds, Ronaldo mass shooting meritorious deeds, one scored 3 goals Galacticos team successful promotion, Cristiano Ronaldo deserve full recognition. Today, Ronaldo 8 Champions League matches scoring 13 goals, extended its lead in the standings shooter from the 2013-2014 season to create their own single-season record of 17 goals, only a thin 4 balls.