Although poor performance in Fifa 17 Points Account United last season, but the Blues seem to see some of the  advantages on Falcao, which makes them spend more than 5 million pounds fees and 130,000 pounds of  weekly pay to loan the Colombian striker. But the result is clear, the Blues failed.As you know, every player  in fifa 16 has ratings and attributes, but not everyone knows how does the ratings or attributes work in  game. Today  bring you the guide for the attributes of offensive and skills here.OffensiveCrossingThis is a  attribute to measure your player’s ability to pass the ball to penalty area on the court or the corner area,  independent of long passing.As the name suggests, the rating of crossing is calculated separately with  long passing, a player with high crossing rating can pass the ball more accurately to the player in penalty  area, the passing curve is influential to crossing.

VolleysThe rating of Volleys decides whether a player’s shooting in the air is good or bad, bouncing balls  and aerial are both belong to volley. A player with high Volleys rating, can handle the ball better and  shooting more accuracy on the air.Volleys is affected by Agility and Reactions. Shooting posture is more  stretch and smoothly with higher Agility rating. The reaction is higher, the the reaction time to receive  ball and shoot is shorter. Match among Barcelona Vs Atletico Madrid will take place at Camp Nou  (Barcelona) on 30th January 2016, with both the teams tied on 48 points on the top of the table.Above all,  let look back at the latest 6 encounters of the biggest rivalry in Spanish football.

Barcelona Vs Atletico Fifa 17 Coins XBOX One Head to Head PreviewBarcelonaBoth teams are tied on 48 points, but  Barcelona have a better goal difference, a better head to head record. Since 1993-94 season Barcelona  won 34 games where Atletico Madrid have 14 victory besides 11 drawn. 104 goals were scored by  Barcelona in this time and Atletico scored 74 goals so far. Barcelona have also lost just twice in La Liga  and the synergy doesn’t end there. Five draws for the Blaugrana compare to six for Atleti.29 goals in Luis  Suarez’s last 29 games is the best return of any striker in the top five leagues at present, and with a full  week’s rest because of his Copa Del Rey ban. Lionel .